The Vine reviews ‘Disko’ for Slovenia- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song 34. Disko- LPS

  • This was one of the most adorable moments of the first semi-final, and absolutely deserved a higher placement than it got. While the issues with the song remain, the choreography was very cute and the performance was highly enjoyable to watch. 
  • I loved the co-ordinated choreography in the song’s introduction. This was a lovely way to start: had the choreography been this crisp throughout, however, the performance may have been a little more memorable for viewers. 
  • The disco ball set was a nice idea in theory, and definitely set the Disco theme in motion, but unfortunately the size and centrality of the prop meant that the band were all split up and isolated from each other, meaning that the natural charisma that really sold their performance in EMA wasn’t as prominent here. 
  • There were also some real problems with the cameras- in the second verse, it was just too spinny and off-putting, and more stillness was needed. They should have let the band move a little more rather than the cameras, but unfortunately the disco ball also limited the movement they could do. 
  • Filip’s vocal performance was lovely, and he was on the notes throughout, but there was no real sense of build-up or goosebumps moment. That said, his smile before the final chorus was infectiously adorable, and the whole performance was one of the sweetest ones Eurovision has ever seen. It was absolutely obvious that everyone on stage was having the time of their life, and absolutely loved the song they were performing. This shone through, and made this a highly memorable, adorable performance.

Photo credit: EuroBuzz

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