The Vine reviews ‘Disko’ for Slovenia- SONG REVIEW

“Just playing it a bit too safe to pop out.”

Song 34. Disko- LPS

  • LPS are bringing retro-pop to Turin, and while the song has some lovely moments, it just slightly misses the mark for me. The song’s title, ‘Disko’, is a little misleading as the flavour of this song is less disco-number, and rather a fusion of classic pop with some orchestral elements and swing moments: a lovely combination but absolutely not disco. 
  • The instrumental is the best part of this song- I love the cheekiness of the brass throughout, the synthy chords giving an allusion to disco, and especially when the bass guitar comes in and adds a slightly more modern touch to a very classic feeling number. It also brings energy into the performance, but still doesn’t elevate it enough, and this is the biggest issue I have with the song. 
  • It feels too safe, too refined. The vocal line stays at the same level right up until the final chorus when it finally injects some variety into the performance and engages me as a listener, but this is far too late for this moment to come. The vocal line needs more risk throughout to add interest to the song and keep listeners engaged.
  • Another key issue with the song for me is that it struggles to keep momentum going- just when I’ve settled into that lovely cheeky instrumental, it suddenly slows down to a grinding halt, and all the atmosphere that’s been building is lost. The transition into the final chorus is catchy and there’s a nice dynamic contrast but the song sacrifices too much to achieve it. It needs to polish the rough edges, find a way to keep the momentum building throughout and just take some risks- it’s just playing it a bit too safe to pop out.
  • On the positive, though, the retro feel of the song marks it out as an ode to classic Eurovision pop, and when the instrumental shines through in this, it’s a lovely fusion of classic and modern. I love the uniqueness of the song and Slovenia’s daring approach in sending this, and the adorableness of the band shines through.

Photo credit: Wiwibloggs

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