The Vine reviews ‘The Show’ for Denmark- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song 35. The Show- Reddi

  • This was one of the most fun performances in the semi final, and definitely elevated the song as much as it could have done. The vocals were absolutely on point from start to finish, with some nice opt-ups in the final chorus, and the band were able to keep the energy and momentum going right until the end of that jam-packed last chorus. Props to Ihan on drums whose excitement and smile were just a pure joy to watch. I also loved the close-up shots at the start, slowly circling Siggy matching the song’s sleepy intro, before zooming out for the transition into upbeat, peppy pop-rock. 
  • The energy was phenomenal in this, as was the sense of fun that was conveyed by the charisma of the band, the zany colour scheme in the lighting and the costumes (although these could have been a touch brighter) and the perfect use of the pyro to keep interest high throughout. This felt more like a Reddi show than a Eurovision performance, and the band were clearly having the time of their lives on the stage. All around, a very fun, authentic staging that just needed a slightly stronger song to work with.

Photo credit: Eurovoix

Song 36. Lock Me In- Georgia

Song 37. I.M- Israel

Song 38. Boys Do Cry- Switzerland

Song 39. Intention- Bulgaria

Song 40. I Am What I Am- Malta

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