The Vine reviews ‘That’s Rich’ for Ireland- SONG REVIEW

“Catchy, very fun, and a nice callback to the pop diva age”

Song 33. That’s Rich- Brooke

  • This is a fun, energetic pop song with an instantly catchy chorus, but there are some issues really holding the song back from reaching its true potential. I love the peppy, noughties pop feel (although the song feels less original than a lot of other pop songs this year as a result) and the bounciness of the instrumental.
  • However, the lyrics are a turn off for me: they’re very vengeful and bitter, yet we’re never really told what her ex-lover has done to warrant this anger, and it therefore feels unjustified. The lyric about burning down all the flowers feels especially vindictive, and this ongoing theme prevents me from really connecting to the song.
  • The vocal line is perfectly nice, but feels too similar throughout, and I’m not such a fan of the random use of head voice- it breaks the flow of the vocal line and just creates a really weak sound which clashes with the fierceness in the lyrics and instrumental. While catchy, the chorus doesn’t really break any new ground or take any risk, and this means the song overall lacks memorability for me, unfortunately.
  • I do like the bounciness of the instrumental and the way the chorus builds with every repeat, but I can’t help feel that the song just needs some tweaks before I can really enjoy it. That said, it’s catchy, very fun, and a nice callback to the pop diva age of the noughties, and I can’t help but sing along when I hear the chorus.

Photo credit: Ruth Medjber

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