The Vine reviews ‘Technicolour’ for Australia

What a peppy number! Although this song is a little bit mad, it’s also very fun and catchy. Although it would belong in a Sailor Moon type show, it is strong enough to hold its own, and what I love is that Montaigne is unapologetically herself, having a good time, and not caring what people think. It’s so full of hope for the future, but in a way that’s quirky, upbeat and lighthearted. The instrumental with the bells at the start is very cute and childlike in a way that takes us back to simpler times when our only limit was our imagination, and the beat in the chorus almost sounds like laser beams (yes they are now an instrument) creating a fun, crazy atmosphere to party to. And there’s a key change!  However, on the first listen, the chorus comes in very suddenly and it is a little jarring, and although I adore Montaigne’s voice, I’m not entirely sure about the vocal runs flitting between chest and head voice. It’s very technically impressive, but it’s not quite working for me. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the classical high notes at the end- they sort of come out of nowhere and take the key a little minor, which detracts a little from the vibe the song is trying to go for. But the chorus is catchy, the instrumental is cute, and it makes me want to dance every time I hear it. Yes, the song as a whole does feel a little rough around the edges, but I think this actually works- it’s not a polished, choreographed to the max piece but a long-awaited, wild party to take us all out of our glumness into a fun, technicolour world. And who doesn’t want to take their cloak off to dance with lasers?

Prediction: I’m not sure how this will fare- it’s very fun and upbeat, but there are a lot of female solo pop bangers in this semi final, and the competition is going to be brutal. It’s real bad luck that 8 such songs are in this semi, with just 4 in semi two, but that’s how the cookie has crumbled. Still, I’d say this song is a borderline qualifier, depending on staging. The juries do tend to go for Australia’s songs, but the televote is something I can’t really predict right now. It will need to be fun and eyecatching to get the votes, and if there are no laser beams I will be writing to the Australian HOD in fury!

Photo credit: @actualmontaigne

33. Germany- I Don’t Feel Hate

34. Albania- Karma

35. Austria- Amen

36. Slovenia- Amen

37. Georgia- You

38. Estonia- The Lucky One

39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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