The Vine reviews ‘Last Dance’ for Greece

I really like this pop song, especially the electro feel throughout. The instrumental is perfect- layered and rich and strong enough to hold its own without Stefania, although her vocal lines are perfectly intertwined. I particularly like the piano underpinning the vocal line in the intriguing pre-chorus, one of the song’s strongest moments. The verses are well structured, interesting and build well for the drop into the chorus. What this song does really well is fuse a 90s feel electro mood with a current beat and feel, and this makes for a very catchy number. However, as much as I love the instrumental in the chorus, hearing “Last Dance” repeated over and over doesn’t really do anything for me, especially as the lyrics in the verses, while inoffensive, don’t hook me in. There’s nothing wrong with them- I just don’t feel a connection personally. Maybe because the mixing on the single makes it difficult to understand what Stefania is singing, but this is easily solved. Despite these little bugbears, I can’t criticise the song too harshly- it’s a club banger, catchy from the first listen, and grows and grows, utilising the instrumental perfectly, and the final chorus shows off Stefania’s vocals without being too shouty. It’s not my favourite pop song this year, but it’s a very well-written one and I enjoy it very much.

Prediction: Greece is lucky to be in the more ballad-heavy semifinal, so there’s a good chance Stefania will stand out and get votes. With good staging, this could sail through quite easily- it’s modern, contemporary, Stefania will have lots of fans from JESC who will vote for her, and I can’t see any reason for juries to not like this. I’d say it’s a likely qualifier, but not definite, and could maybe score 12-16 in the final.

Photo credit: ERT

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