The Vine reviews ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’ for Germany

You know in every Disney movie there’s a funky sidekick with a song sequence that overwhelms you and makes you wonder if that actually just happened? This song reminds me of that a little, and is both one of the song’s charms and weaknesses. It’s absolutely bonkers from the start, and completely unlike anything Germany (or anyone, for that matter) has brought to Eurovision before. But there are so many questions after the first listen- is the whistle cute and whimsical, or just annoying? Is there a structure to this song or does it just go wherever it wants? Does that work? Is this a hot mess or a work of genius? I still don’t know exactly how I feel about this, to be perfectly honest. What’s for certain is that it’s a very unpredictable song that takes all sorts of daring twists and turns, refusing to be bound by any conventional compositional form. It’s cheeky and playful, whilst also quite wholesome in the core message of not feeling hate (even if the lyrics are too fast to understand sometimes). The randomness makes the song, but also frustrates the listener as we have nothing to really lock onto before something new is introduced- we have the ukulele section, the big boomy synths, the trumpet solo and a tap break. All we need now is a rapper to do sand art in the background and I’ll have seen everything! Still, while some people find this terribly annoying, I think it’s wonderfully fun- a nice little piece of escapist madness for when the world gets too heavy. It’s intense, but also adorable, and maybe it’s all a little too much, but whatever it is, I can’t help but smile when I listen.

Prediction: I have no idea which way this song will go- it will obviously be in the final, and so much will depend on how it is staged. If the staging comes across as cute and peppy, televoters may just flock to this in the droves. We are all a little glum after months of lockdown and being isolated- this wacky party may be the tonic people need. I don’t know if juries will want to back something so out there, though. Portugal 2019 comes to mind, although that was more experimental whereas Germany isn’t taking itself too seriously- they’re here to bring fun, and it might just work in their favour. Still, it could be a total flop. It’s too soon to call without seeing their staging.

Photo credit: Christian Charisius

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39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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