The Vine reviews ‘Intention’ for Bulgaria- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song #39- Intention- The Intelligent Music Project

  • This song was always going to face an uphill battle to qualify, given how weak the chorus is and how tame the song feels. Unfortunately, while the band threw everything they had at the live performance, it just wasn’t enough to elevate such a generic, forgetful song.
  • Nonetheless, despite my criticism of Intention, I did enjoy the live performance. The band were clearly putting their hearts and souls into this performance, which felt very authentic to the band- it felt as if we were at one of their gigs, not at Eurovision, something which I’ve been using as a metric to measure live performances by. Ronnie’s vocals were on point, and the band brought energy and passion to this performance, doing the best they could with the little they had. I particularly liked Ronnie’s opt-up in the second chorus, and the way they played with the vocal line to add as much interest as possible, which the song desperately needed.
  • The camera angles were sharp, and the lighting and colour scheme worked well with the song, adding to the gig-osphere they created on stage, and the final moment of the song came together to tie it up nicely. The pyro was fun, and the band’s interactions added a real sense of authenticity to this. I really liked the ‘Ministry of Sound’ inspired background- this was fun and nostalgic, likely the vibe the song itself was going for. One of my family members was rooting for Intention, having only ever seen the live performance, showing how much it elevated the song, even if the final result was still a disappointingly low one for Bulgaria.

40. Malta- I Am What I Am

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