The Vine reviews ‘Boys Do Cry’ for Switzerland- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song 38. Boys Do Cry- Marius Bear

  • There is absolutely no doubt that this was performed beautifully by Marius, but the staging was just too over-choreographed for the performance to really resonate.
  • It’s always horrible when the dreaded “0 points” is announced, even if it’s not an unexpected shock, yet Marius deserves more love for the true emotions and soul he put into this performance. His vocals were on point throughout, even if there was a little too much vocal fry for my liking (but this is a purely personal preference), and his opt-ups in the second chorus were engaging and really sold the message of the song. There was dynamic contrast, good support and breath control, and my only criticism would be that the diction wasn’t as clear as it could have been in some of the verses. However, this is not a criticism unique to this performance, and it’s been a little disheartening to see Marius criticised for so called ‘seal-singing’ when other Eurovision singers adopting the same technique have been praised for their vocals with no mention of the diction. 
  • The key issue with this staging was how over-choreographed and jam-packed with effects and camera movements it was. It didn’t need this. The song is sweet and simple, and the staging ought to have stayed closer to the song’s key message to create a soulful, story-like atmosphere. Some of the effects- the opening silhouetted shot, the shaking heart on Marius’ cheek- were very simple and very effective. But it felt as though with every change of note, there was something else being thrown into the mix, and it distracted from Marius’s performance considerably, taking away from the message of the song. 
  • The costume as well was incredibly dark, as was the lighting throughout. Boys Do Cry is a melancholic song, so bright popping colours are inappropriate, yet some colour contrast here could have worked wonders to lighten the stage a little bit and reduce the ‘heaviness’ of the song.
  • I also felt that Marius’s movement in the second verse was somewhat forced and unnatural, as if he was trying to remember the next sequence of moves, rather than just sing and emote, which was all the song needed. The second chorus felt a little more natural, although such big movements in such a delicate song felt a little intense and out of place, perhaps precluding viewers from connecting with the song. The use of the screen- perhaps for lighting effects, although I could be wrong- placed yet a further barrier between Marius and the viewers, further increasing the distance between performer and audience, something that likely contributed to the lack of votes.

Song 39. Intention- Bulgaria

Song 40. I Am What I Am- Malta

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