The Vine reviews ‘Øve Os På Hinanden’ for Denmark

We have disco in Eurovision this year! Time to get the shoulder-pads on and get a terrible hairstyle! I absolutely adore this song. It takes me right back to the 80s with the Synth, the drums, the guitars- there’s just such a nostalgic flavour to this, and I love it. I think my favourite moment is the pre-chorus- such a call-back to the call and response used in so many classic songs. It builds up excitement and gets everyone dancing (although I was up and jumping around within the first ten seconds). The chorus is so cute- energetic, lighthearted and full of fun, and the cheeky dance-break is nothing more than adorable. This song is infectiously catchy, with a very strong instrumental- strong enough that I can listen to the karaoke version without realising sometimes because I’m so impressed. There’s not a huge amount of build in this song, but this does mean that it’s high energy, disco-fever all the way through which works. The ending, however, is too sudden and jarring for my liking. Still, this song’s nostalgia appealed to me most initially, but the catchiness of the chorus, and the sense of fun (and native language!) this brings to the contest, keeps me coming back for more. It’s infectiously fun, and I love it.

Prediction: This song is in a perfect position in the running order, closing the show and hopefully sticking in voters’ minds. It may face difficulties going straight after Switzerland, but I’m quite confident that this song can stand on its own two feet and push through to qualify. I think older televoters may flock to this, given the nostalgic flair, although as a 21 year old I like this more than my mam, who told me to turn it off when I first showed it to her… I don’t know how the juries will take to this, but I can see it being a televote dark horse and scoring higher than people think. I’d imagine 11-16 in the final.

Photo credit: Rasmus Laursen

24. Latvia- The Moon is Rising

25. Sweden- Voices

26. United Kingdom- Embers

27. Romania- Amnesia

28. Ireland- Maps

29. Serbia- Loco Loco

30. Poland- The Ride

31. Greece- Last Dance

32. Australia- Technicolour

33. Germany- I Don’t Feel Hate

34. Albania- Karma

35. Austria- Amen

36. Slovenia- Amen

37. Georgia- You

38. Estonia- The Lucky One

39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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