Welcome to Euro-Vine!

This is hopefully the first post of many, and I can’t wait to share my ideas and musings with all of you, in addition to keeping you up to date with all things Eurovision. From national final announcements to song reviews to discussions about ways the contest could change, it’ll all be here. Having watched Eurovision since 2011, and followed the contest as a superfan for the last two years, I finally decided to make it a full-time hobby and Euro-vine was born!

Just a little bit about myself- my name is Alaina, I’m based in the UK and am currently studying law at university. I’m a bit of a dinosaur with technology (please forgive any hiccups in the early days!) but am hoping this blog will get bigger and better as I write more. My Eurovision winners for the last three years have been Iceland in 2019, Italy in 2018, and Portugal in 2017, and if I had to choose a favourite Eurovision genre, it would be Balkan ballad, hands down. I’m hoping to go to my first Eurovision next year in Rotterdam, and cannot wait for this year’s Eurovision season to begin.

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