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Because the majority of the reviews were unfortunately uploaded pre-show (I’m currently in the middle of my final exams at university and sadly had to prioritise revision over Eu-revision), I’ve decided to gradually upload my reviews over the summer with two reviews for each entry: a pre-show review focusing solely on the song quality, and a post-show review rating the live performance.

So how have I ranked the songs? I ranked all the songs pre-live shows, then ranked all shows on the live performance. Then I added the positions together i.e. 8th place pre-show plus 5th place post-show to equal 13th place, divided by two to get 6.5. I did this for all the countries, using a pure gut reaction of who I liked most to decide the tie-breaks. For example, Malta was my 39th favourite song pre-show, and my 39th favourite live-show. 39 x 2 is 78, divided by 2 is 39, the same result Bulgaria got. I preferred Bulgaria’s live show, so they’re my 39th ultimate ranking, meaning Malta is my 40th ranked song overall. I hope that’s clear. And now that explanation’s done, off we go with the post-show reviews!

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