The Vine Reviews ‘Da Vidna’ for Belarus

This is a sweet little song, but it’s just too formulaic and ‘safe’ for me. Valerie’s vocals throughout are on point, and I enjoy the harmonisations in the verses, but there’s not enough of them and the mixing isn’t balanced enough for us to truly appreciate it. Whilst the pre-chorus builds well into the chorus, it’s a little bland with the repetition of the ‘david nas’ and as soon as it starts to swell, we go straight to the drop. I like the instrumental hook,which is catchy and contemporary. but it’s underwhelming and a little repetitive. It feel like something’s missing to really elevate the chorus- maybe a stronger beat or more layered sound? We get some development in the final hook and it’s really strong with the saxophone making an appearance and finally a strong beat, but by then the song’s lost me a little and it doesn’t quite have the impact it aims for. The vocals in the hook are impressive- in my opinion the song’s driving force is in the smooth, utterly polished vocals- but it all feels a little too safe, following a formula, which prevents the song having any real emotional meaning. Don’t get me wrong- as easy listening, I like this a lot, and it’s lovely to have a 100% Belarussian song in Eurovision again. But it lacks power and punch, and has no real impact on me as a listener. It’s a shame, because there is real potential here. It’s just not lived up to.

Prediction for how this would have done had ESC 2020 gone ahead: Unfortunately, I struggle to see this song qualifying. The first semi final is incredibly strong, with some sensational pop-numbers, and this song is just too weak to stand out in the crowd. It might pick up some points from Russia and Ukraine, but I doubt they’d get enough to make it through.

And that’s what The Vine thinks. Do you agree? Let me know with a comment what you think.

SCORE: 5.5/10


41. France- Mon Ailée

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