The Vine reviews ‘Lock Me In’ for Georgia- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song 36. Lock Me In- Circus Mircus

  • This was a good performance, but unfortunately the band had very little to work with, and the sense of fun that made the song wasn’t quite carried through.
  • The live vocals and harmonies were strong, and I love the band’s individuality with their costumes, however the lack of eye contact with the camera made it difficult to connect with the audience. The colour-scheme was fun and eye-catching, and the graphics, while a little random, added interest to the performance.
  • Whereas with Norway there was interaction with the camera and clever use of wide and close shots, here the camerawork felt a little too close yet not close enough at the same time, which may have hampered the song’s chances somewhat. Also, the moment with the puppets in the box didn’t really add anything to the performance, and the camera hovered on a boring shot for far too long, a choice that didn’t really make much artistic sense.
  • The main issue, however, was that the song was so left-field, yet the performance felt a little stilted and refined. Except for the costumes, there wasn’t really anything massively memorable to this performance- it needed more energy and fun to match the joyfulness of the music video. While I don’t think this would have elevated the song enough to qualify, it would have given the song a more Circus-like flavour and made it stand out as an explosion of colourful dance. Even a little more movement would have helped but the band were very stationary for a lot of the performance.
  • Furthermore, the vocals were on point musically yet there were issues with diction meaning that unless you knew the lyrics, you wouldn’t have understood much of the song at all. While the choruses were strong and added energy to the performance, this needed to be maintained throughout the song to give it the beautiful chaos of the music video- for such a unique song, the performance was just too forgettable.

Song 37. I.M- Israel

Song 38. Boys Do Cry- Switzerland

Song 39. Intention- Bulgaria

Song 40. I Am What I Am- Malta

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