The Vine reviews ‘Lock Me In’ for Georgia- SONG REVIEW

Review- “Impossible to tell what’s going on but I can’t help but want to dance”

Song 36. ‘Lock Me In’- Circus Mircus

  • I had no idea how to describe this song when I first heard it, let alone review it, but I adore its quirkiness and originality, even if its repetitiveness and lack of depth hold it back.
  • The sense of fun is the best thing about this song- it’s impossible to tell what’s going on but I can’t help but want to dance when I hear it. The bounciness and catchiness of the chorus is infectious, and the energy in this moment makes it the best moment in the song. I also love the quirky introduction and the build into the first verse. The link into the first chorus is fun, but far too repetitive and this is where the momentum of the song starts to slow down a little.
  • The pre and post-chorus unfortunately make the song feel a little messy and workshop-like, but they also bring a real sense of fun and cheekiness, even if the diction is too unclear to understand what’s being said at times. I love the richness of the harmonies and the call and response in the final chorus, easily the most energetic moment in the song. The yelled ‘Circus Mircus’ makes no sense, but is cheeky and works as a nice transitory moment throughout the song.
  • There are a lot of fun moments and nice musical motifs in this song, and the simplicity of the chorus makes it memorable and fun. Unfortunately, however, the repetitiveness cheapens the musicality of the song and makes it feel a little messy and unfinished: I love the uniqueness of the song and Georgia’s continued individualistic approach to Eurovision, but this isn’t an entry I’m rushing back to replay again and again.

Photo credit: ESCXTRA

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