The Vine reviews ‘I.M’ for Israel- LIVE SHOW REVIEW

Song 37. I.M-Michael Ben-David

  • This was staged well: the performance was fun, sassy and definitely elevated the song. The use of graphics to fill the stage worked effectively, and I liked the model runway on the floor. The colour scheme contrasted well: with the darkness at the start contrasted by the light costume, and then the red and white- Micheal constantly stood out on the stage and caught my eye, although his outfit seemed a little plain for a song so outrageous. 
  • Whilst the issues with the song remain, Michael performed it well live: the energy was high throughout, and there was a constant sense of fun maintained during the whole performance. Sometimes it felt a little whiny, however, or just a little too shouty for my liking, however, he was on the notes for the most part, the vocals were well supported with good breath control, and he was able to combine strong singing with the choreography. The dancing was fun, if not particularly memorable, and every moment during the song had something interesting going on with seamless transitions between them- there was never a lull in energy. 
  • The use of the mirrors at the start might have been a little heavy handed, but it led to a nice moment when the mirrors were removed and we opened up onto the full stage. Throughout the song, the camera shots were used effectively to contrast that intimate moment at the start with the wide shots of the audience during the dance break, however we missed some of the dancing which could have been nice to see up close.

Song 38. Boys Do Cry- Switzerland

Song 39. Intention- Bulgaria

Song 40. I Am What I Am- Malta

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