The Vine reviews ‘Here I Stand’ for North Macedonia

Song #10- North Macedonia- Here I Stand

Oh Vasil, you have stolen my heart with this beautiful ballad. Before I get into the review, I have to tell you all what happened when I first heard this song. I was on the train, and literally started crying because of how touching this song was, but I was also smiling because it was so beautiful, all whilst scribbling notes in my Eurovision review book. Needless to say, I got some very strange looks from the other passengers. 

Right, back to business! This is a beautiful, touching little ballad, and Vasil’s vocals blow me away every time I hear it. His vulnerability in the verses, his power as the song progresses, his gorgeous tone- I can tell he was an opera singer. The instrumental is just lush in this as well, especially in the first verse and chorus, keeping everything very stripped back and vulnerable, creating an emotive, heartfelt atmosphere. The second chorus, when Vasil really starts building up, gives me chills, and then the key change, cliched as it is, wows me. I love the backing vocals, showing us that Vasil isn’t alone as he embraces his true self, and everything swells to a glorious crescendo. But then we have that introspective moment of quiet, before Vasil belts out that show stopping last note, and Holy Shit, it’s truly spectacular. (Pardon my French, but that note warrants it.) The lyrics may be a little basic and safe, but I think the simplicity works here- this is very grounded, and very real, and that’s why I love it. Plus, it’s very theatrical, which I adore. When I say this made me cry, I’m not lying. Vasil’s voice, his story, the stunning instrumental- this is absolutely phenomenal, and it wows me every time I hear it.

Prediction: As much as I think this song deserves to go through to the final and place in the top 10, I haven’t heard much positive feedback from other fans. I worry this may get swallowed up in the semi finals, unless there is something impactful in the staging. Still, the juries came through for Tamara Todevska’s power ballad in 2019- nothing is impossible. I’m crossing everything for Tuesday night.

Photo credit: Vasil Garvanliev/ Facebook

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