The Vine reviews ‘Birth of a New Age’ for the Netherlands

This is such a joyful song, and so powerful and moving at the same time. I adore the vocals in this- the harmonies are so lush as they build and build throughout the song, and the gospel feel is beautiful, creating a hopeful, optimistic mood. The lyrics fit the song absolutely wonderfully, and I adore the driving hook- ‘Your rhythm is rebellion.’ You think the song might be bitter, resentful, or melancholic, but the ‘Birth of a new age’ line reminds us that this is a song of celebration, of progress, of redefinition. I love the Sranan Tongo sections too, and the little break with just the drums before the choir comes in. Still, Jeangu’s voice stands out, smooth as silk, without overpowering the choir too much. The mix is perfect, and the percussive instrumentation works to keep interest going without taking too much attention off the choir and the lyrics. It’s simplicity is perfect, and the transitions throughout the song are lovely and smooth- the build up of the harmonies and instrumentation is just right, and the song keeps things simple throughout. There’s no massive fireworks or key changes, just lovely harmonies that keep building and building, creating a joyous atmosphere, celebrating Jeangu’s roots. The mix is perfect, the harmonies are glorious, and the joy is palpable. I absolutely adore this. 

Prediction: I think people are underestimating this song- it’s different to all the pop songs and dramatic ballads this year, and will stand out in the final. This will help attract voters, especially if the staging conveys the joy of the song. I worry televoters may not get fully behind this, but hopefully I’m wrong. Still, this will stand out, and should benefit from that- I’d predict 12-16.

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14. Switzerland- Tout L’univers

15. Moldova- Sugar

16. Iceland- 10 Years

17. Spain- Voy a Quedarme

18. Israel- Set Me Free

19. Czech Republic- Omaga

20. Belgium- The Wrong Place

21. Croatia- Tick-Tock

22. Norway- Fallen Angel

23. Denmark- Øve Os På Hinanden

24. Latvia- The Moon is Rising

25. Sweden- Voices

26. United Kingdom- Embers

27. Romania- Amnesia

28. Ireland- Maps

29. Serbia- Loco Loco

30. Poland- The Ride

31. Greece- Last Dance

32. Australia- Technicolour

33. Germany- I Don’t Feel Hate

34. Albania- Karma

35. Austria- Amen

36. Slovenia- Amen

37. Georgia- You

38. Estonia- The Lucky One

39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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