The Vine reviews ‘The Wrong Place’ for Belgium

We’ve reached the top 20 reviews for Eurovision 2021, and this is where the ranking got TOUGH. I’ve been swapping and switching, umm-ing and ah-ing, crying and bargaining as I’ve decided on my top 20 songs, and am still not quite satisfied. The song quality really ramps up at this point, and it’s harder and harder to rank the songs. We are getting thoroughly spoiled with entries this year! Now, onto song #20:

The Wrong Place is intriguing, seductive, and mesmerising. I love the lyrics- they’re almost poetic in how the tell us the story about the woman who’s woken up, regretting a one night stand. It’s so realistic and gritty, and keeps us hooked as we want to uncover more about this story. The hook of ‘you’re in the wrong place’ is infectiously catchy and grounds the song well, although it is definitely overused at the end. I also like how there’s an interplay between vocals and instrumental- the lyrics are the focal point in the two verses with the instrumental shining in the chorus. Those trills on the piano in the chorus are beautiful, giving an exotic feel to the song, while not taking away from the lyrics too much. The balance is perfect and it works well. I love the harmonies in this, and the vocal line has some gorgeous moments in the verses- seductive yet regretful at the same time. This song is instantly memorable, with its catchy hook, layered, rich instrumental and mesmerising lyrics. However, it does feel very repetitive at the end, and the ending itself feels sudden and there’s no resolution. This is probably unintentional, reflecting the emotional chaos, but it feels unsatisfying to listen to. Still, that’s my one gripe- everything else is simply gorgeous, and I keep coming back to this song. It’s current, intriguing, and beautifully put together.

Prediction: Juries are going to love this- it’s original, current, lyrically rich, and polished. However, Hooverphonic may struggle to pick up televotes, given that this is a little less exciting than some of the bigger numbers, and they’ve also ruffled quite a few fan feathers in refusing to play in the ‘Love Shine A Light’ tribute video, and also in sacking Luca from the band. There are a lot of fans who personally like the song, but don’t like the attitude of the band, and this could harm the song’s chances. It could qualify if it gets enough jury support, but it might just fall short. If it gets to the final, I expect this to come top ten with the juries, and lower with the televote, maybe placing 8-12. 

Photo credit: VRT

21. Croatia- Tick-Tock

22. Norway- Fallen Angel

23. Denmark- Øve Os På Hinanden

24. Latvia- The Moon is Rising

25. Sweden- Voices

26. United Kingdom- Embers

27. Romania- Amnesia

28. Ireland- Maps

29. Serbia- Loco Loco

30. Poland- The Ride

31. Greece- Last Dance

32. Australia- Technicolour

33. Germany- I Don’t Feel Hate

34. Albania- Karma

35. Austria- Amen

36. Slovenia- Amen

37. Georgia- You

38. Estonia- The Lucky One

39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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