The Vine reviews ‘Voices’ for Sweden

This soulful ballad is brimming with potential, despite being formulaic. The instrumental is very rich throughout, and it works perfectly with Tusse’s voice. I particularly like the folk sound in the instrumental, and the drums keep the song flowing while introducing all sorts of percussive effects to maintain interest. Then there’s the bass guitar and the synth in the chorus- it’s perfectly blended and works very well. It’s subtle and understated, but also a little bit predictable and safe. Tusse’s voice is gorgeous- silky, smooth, but also powerful when it needs to be. However, the lyrics are weak and don’t really connect with me too much, and the instrumental isn’t strong enough to hold its own. The pre-chorus and post-chorus are both stronger than the main chorus, which is a bit forgettable and safe for me. That said, they transition into each other very well. I love the bridge, and the key change does keep interest going, even if it comes a little out of nowhere. The backing vocals in the final chorus are also very effective, with the younger voices representing the new generation, hearing our voices and carrying our song forward. It’s the strongest moment of the song. Overall, however, I’m left feeling a little underwhelmed- there are some truly lovely ideas in this song, a mysterious yet understated instrumental, gorgeous vocals, but it needs something more to make it memorable. The choir is stunning, the hook and chorus are both catchy, yet there just needs to be some more power. It feels just a little too formulaic and safe.

Prediction: I would be surprised if this didn’t qualify, but not massively shocked. The song quality in semi one is very high, and Tusse is going to have to bring his A-Game to win over televotes. Juries will love this, I have no doubt, but I just don’t know if televoters will be driven enough to vote for this. Still, I think this will get through. Juries will vote for it in the final, but I doubt it’d get masses of televotes- maybe scoring 10-14 overall.

Photo credit: Gustave Ike and Streetchic Media

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