The Vine reviews ‘The Ride’ for Poland

This is a very catchy little song, and I’m a huge fan of the 80s electro synth feel- this just gives me so much nostalgia (yes I know I’m a noughties girl but shhh). The best bit about this song is that gorgeous instrumental- it’s bouncy and fun, with lots of lovely transitions. The lyrics are cliched, but they bring a sense of fun, even though they are a little out of place- there’s a first verse where Rafal oozes confidence at how he’s going to live his life how he wants to, and ‘The Ride’ is his journey, but then the chorus tells ‘baby’ to hold on with him for the ride of their life…. It feels like there’s two sets of lyrics going on at the same time. Which ride are we on, Rafal? Are you inviting someone to ride with you through life or to ride you? Oh no. That changes the meaning entirely…Moving on swiftly! The vocal line feels very restricted, like Rafal is holding back, but this is a song about letting go, taking risks and living for the moment…I hope. It should feel enthusiastic and peppy, but it feels a bit safe and restrained. More energy, please! This is the overarching issue with the song- it’s upbeat, fun and nostalgic, but it lacks in power vocally and lyrically, and while the instrumental is well-polished and the chorus catchy, the song falls just a little bit too flat. Still, with more energy, this has real potential- the framework is there, and tweaks can be made to turn this ride into a rollercoaster.

Prediction: If the aforementioned issues are resolved and the vocal performance is energetic, this has a much better chance of attracting votes. It needs to be memorable, and right now, it blends into the crowd too much. There will be a strong televote with the Polish diaspora, but Poland cannot rely on this alone- they may be in the more ballad-heavy semi, but need to pull out all the stops to win voters over, especially as Denmark are closing this semi with a strong disco number. I’d say this is borderline, if it picks up. If it stays at this level, I can’t see it making the final.

Photo credit: TVP

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