The Vine reviews ‘Amnesia’ for Romania

This is a touching, contemporary number which has potential to be genuinely moving, but gets a little lost with its meaning. Let’s start with the positives, of which there are many. I love the mystical nature of the instrumental, especially the little piano riffs. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, and the almost conversational rhythm works well in the verses with a nice link into the chorus. Those strong, driving beats keep everything grounded and propel the song forward, and the strings add a dramatic flair- I’d go further and use them more, personally, because they’re powerful. The riff on ‘myself’ is emotive and a nice focal point, and the bridge brings something new to the song, while fitting in well and not coming out of nowhere. However, I’m a little confused as to what the lyrics are pointing to- it tells us of the importance of self love, but then emphasises that we’re not alone. Is she saying that more people are suffering so our story isn’t unique? Is she saying that we should rely on other people and abandon self love? I feel like the song tries to straddle two lanes and therefore it’s difficult to place the message we’re supposed to be taking from it. Also, while I do like the conversational nature of the song, the chorus feels a little bit rushed vocally and it’s easy to miss the lyrics- the diction gets a little fuzzy sometimes which prevents us from understanding them (although I will give Roxen credit for singing in a non-native language, this isn’t personal criticism but just something that could be worked on to help connect with listeners). It all feels a little bit clunky, although realistic and relatable. There’s a real vulnerability in the song, which really shines through and hooks me in emotionally. Also, the song is very contemporarily theatrical- I’d add more instrumentation earlier in the song and make the last chorus even bigger. By that point, we know the lyrics and want something really amazing and powerful going on. Still, this is a very sweet, heartfelt song with huge potential, and the melody is stunning. It’s not perfect, but it is stunning, and has the power to be truly touching.

Prediction: I can see juries going for this- it’s polished, contemporary and carries a message of resilience and finding inner strength. The song’s style is quite Billie Eilish-esque, which could impress younger voters who like this style of music too. However, if the message gets lost on the stage, this could struggle to hit the mark. It does benefit from being the only ballad in a sea of pop songs, but could also get overshadowed. I’d say it’s a borderline qualifier.

Photo credit: TVR

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