The Vine reviews ‘Amen’ for Austria

This is a sweet, soulful little ballad that really shows off Vincent’s lovely voice. His lush, deep vocals in the verses are gorgeous, and the driving piano underneath really allows him to show it off. Whilst this song has huge potential, however, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations. The lyrics are extremely repetitive, which makes the song forgettable and means I cannot relate to it, so there’s no emotional connection. I do love the chord progressions in the chorus, and Vincent’s emotive voice is beautiful. It’s just a shame he has so little lyrically to work with- maybe if he gets some long, held notes in the live show this will elevate the song, but it just lacks the emotional punch it tries to land. I feel like with a revamp and some lyrical work this could really be something quite special though- Vincent’s theatrically trained, and this shines through in the chorus, you can truly hear him going for it, but it still feels somewhat restrained, like he’s playing a little safe. That’s the overarching problem with Amen- it’s just too safe, and this keeps it from really shining.

Prediction: There aren’t many ballads in semi 2, but I don’t think this song will amass enough support to qualify- I haven’t heard of many fans who have it as a favourite. Still, the juries could get behind it if there is fine-tuning and a perfect life performance.

Photo credit: ORF/ Roman Zach-Kiesling

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39. Portugal- Love is on my Side

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