The Vine reviews “Don’t Break Me” for Australia

While there’s nothing wrong with this touching little number, it blends into the background too much and doesn’t really break any new ground. Montaigne’s voice is lovely, and she’s not afraid to take vocal risks in the chorus, veering between chest and head voice like it’s the simplest thing (believe me- this is very difficult advanced singing), yet this makes the song feel a little whiny. Nonetheless, it suits the dramatic, angsty tone of the piece, without it feeling like a dirge. The emotional undertones of this song- relating to a torn woman stuck in a toxic relationship- are palpable throughout the whole piece, but I feel the emotions take over a little too much. I can feel her pain, and her internal turmoil, and it’s extremely relatable. However, I just can’t connect to the song itself- Montaigne’s voice is not the problem, I think it’s the verses. The lines don’t really follow a set pattern, and the song feels a little all over the place as a result (which definitely fits the tone), but the chorus is strong. The Don’t Break Me hook is strong, but it’s the only thing I really remember, unfortunately, because of the problems mentioned above. Don’t get me wrong- this is a good song, it’s just not my cup of tea this year. 

Prediction for how this would have done had ESC gone ahead: I know a lot of people really like this ballad, and I reckon the juries would definitely go for it (and they have propped Australia up before when the televoters weren’t so sure in 2017). It is in a very strong semi-final, so I wouldn’t bet on it sailing through, but I would be surprised if it didn’t make it. I reckon it’d then get 12-18 in the final.

(Also I am aware there has been a massive gap since this page was updated- everything got a bit mad in my personal life so I took some time away to focus on other stuff. I hope to get the reviews out before Christmas though!)

Score- 6/10

Ranking- 36/41

36. Australia- Don’t Break Me

37. San Marino- Freaky

38. Slovenia- Voda

39. Estonia- What Love Is

40. Belarus- Da Vidna

41. France- Mon Ailée

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