Eurovision Update- Internal Selections

Last night we saw Arilena from Albania take the trophy at the 58th edition of Festivali i Kenges, and we have our first song of Eurovision 2020- Shaj. We’ve also had updates from many countries about participants in National Finals, so I thought I’d write a post with all the updates and news we’ve had in the last month. I will cover the national finals in a separate post. Let’s look at the news on the internal selection front first…


In addition to Belgium and Spain revealing their artists as Hooverphonic and Blas Canto respectively, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Austria have also revealed their artists for Rotterdam. Cyprus have picked a relatively unknown artist- Sandro Nicolas. Bulgaria announced in November that Victoria- an up and coming artists- will represent them, and Austria have gone one step further and announced that Vincent Bueno will take the Eurovision stage with his song “Alive.” None of the songs have been released yet, so we’re still waiting there.

Greece have confirmed that they will be choosing internally- we don’t have much more on this at the moment, so hold tight for now. Meanwhile, in Ireland– the deadline has passed for submitting songs to RTE, hopefully the broadcaster will pick soon and let us hear the song! We’re still waiting for more news from Moldova– presumably, they are going internal, but nothing is confirmed yet. There is also no news from the Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland, and the UK, other than that they are going internal.

There were 6 countries (in November) that we weren’t sure about- has there been any more news?

Azerbaijan– Basically, no. Presumably they will go internal again, but they could choose to spice things up. Either way, we’re still waiting for more news.

Belarus– Again, we’re still waiting for news here. They could use a national final like they did last year, or go internal. W don’t quite know yet.

North Macedonia– Still waiting…

Poland– There are rumours of internal selection again, but nothing is confirmed.

Romania– Bad news. We still know nothing. Good news- TVR has promised to tell us how they’re selecting their entrant soon. If only they said how long ‘soon’ meant…

Russia– Finally some certainty! Russia has confirmed (for sure) that they will be selecting their participant internally, as they have done since 2013.

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